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Toshiba has been marketing electromagneticflowmeters since the late 1960's. Toshiba flowmeters,the result of a wealth of experienceand considerable engineering expertise, have won accolades in all areas of industry.A full lineup of products covering diametersfrom 2.5 mm to 3000 mm as well as various liner materials to accommodate diverse fluidsare available, making possible fluid measurementsin almost any imaginable application.






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  1. Toshiba  Flanged Mount-Anywhere™ LF654 Flowmeter

    Toshiba Flanged Mount-Anywhere™ LF654 Flowmeter

    Flanged Mount Anywhere™


    Do you have junctions, tees, valves, probes, flanges, elbows, lack of space for straight piping runs or vertical down flow piping? This is no problem for the Mount-Anywhere Magnetic Flowmeter!

    Toshiba's Mount-Anywhere Magmeter has saved thousands of customers thousands of dollars in installation cost by reducing or eliminating the cost of wiring, fence, labor, pipe, conduit and space. The Mount-Anywhere characterized coil technology allows flow measurement to better than 0.5% of rate accuracy only one diameter from the flange of an elbow, valve in line sizes up to 18".

    The Mount-Anywhere Magmeter is the world’s first and only true-flow, profile-immune magmeter. There is no need to re-pipe the process or to design long straight runs ahead of time to ensure the magmeter will meet its published accuracy specification. The Mount-Anywhere Magmeter is ideal for use as a universal magmeter with its ability to be installed virtually anywhere in the plant. This model is the successor of LF434/LF620, LF434/LF622. Learn More
  2. Toshiba FLowmeter Premium Value - Flanged GF630

    Toshiba FLowmeter Premium Value - Flanged GF630

    Premium Value - Flanged GF630

    The GF630PV (Premium Value) Magmeter
    The GF630PV Magnetic Flowmeter Premium Value Series is one
    of the greatest values in the magmeter market. It is economically
    priced yet loaded with features not found in many top-of-the-line
    conventional magmeters. The meter is built with Toshiba's
    reputation for high quality, and the detector has a 40-year
    MTBF rating using military specification (MIL-HDK-217F)

    Low Cost of Ownership
    What good is saving a few extra dollars on a low quality stripped
    down magmeter if the add-on cost and ownership cost can actually
    add thousands of dollars to the original price of the meter? Available
    in sizes from ½ inch to 24 inches. Liner materials available in
    polyurethane, teflon and rubber. Learn More
  3. Toshiba Mount-Anywhere™ Wafe LF414 Flowmeter

    Toshiba Mount-Anywhere™ Wafe LF414 Flowmeter

    Mount-Anywhere™ Wafer

    The Mount-Anywhere™ Gap and Crevice Free Wafer Style Magmeter is an excellent choice for high slurry concentrations, abrasive, adhesive, or corrosive applications. Toshiba’s exclusive Float-N-Place™ ceramic liner has been specially designed to operate in severe slurry applications where a continuous slurry exposure could damage non-floating ceramic liners. Toshiba’s ceramic liner is specially mounted "inside" the flow tube and does not protrude to the outside of the body like conventional ceramic magmeters. This exclusive design virtually eliminates the possibility of breakage due to accidental bumping of the meter, rapid temperature changes, or over tightening of flanges. Compare Toshiba’s Float-N-Place™ thermal shock specifications of 302°F change in just 0.5 seconds to others that have stationary locked-in-place ceramic liners. Learn More

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